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Thread: Riverhead strikes deal to sell former Grumman property to Luminati Aerospace

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    Riverhead strikes deal to sell former Grumman property to Luminati Aerospace

    Riverhead strikes deal to sell former Grumman property to Luminati Aerospace

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    I don't see any defense contracts coming back to LI, I see Luminati being a foot in the door for there un disclosed financial back to develop more housing.

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    That's pretty much what it seems like, Luminati is being financially backed by billionaire John Catsimatidis, basically if they let Luminati get the land in the deal and they go out of business the land defaults to him and he can do whatever he would want with it.

    Luminati also doesn't sound like a very legitimate business, the CEO worked at the previous company he helped found. He wasn't the CEO there and asked for a raise and the company said no, so then he had a friend of his at another business make him a phony job offer for more money so he could show his company and demand the raise, when this came to light he was asked to leave which is why he is now trying to start Lumianti. Also when he presented to river head to part of his presentation he showed off his "dream team" of 6 (including himself) designers and their backgrounds, what he failed to mention is that 4 of them had quit the company months before he even made this presentation to the town. Finally he showed the town his new solar powered drone that they would supposedly be building and said that they built it themselves, but a Germany company came forward and said they built the drone in full in Germany and that Luminati was just taking credit for it. Also Luminati currently has a lein of $55k against it for construction work performed on the 16 acres they do own in Calverton

    Hopefully since Sean Walters lost the election last night this deal doesn't go through and Laura Jens-Smith(the new supervisor) will actually consider a track
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