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    Lets do this

    As a long time motorsport fanatic and New Yorker, I do date back to the days of Connecting Highway, Cross Bay Boulevard cruising, a few lesser known secret spots in The Bronx and the great 60/70s Muscle car era, who admittedly is now mostly a Road racing fan having spent time at Bridgehampton during the CAN AM days and fought the ridiculous closing of this great track for absolutely no sound reason, and of course raced or attended race tracks around the country ( Lime Rock, Watkins Glen ) and overseas.
    I'm a pilot who managed a flight school years ago and we had a program for high school students mostly under privileged and it kept them away from the streets and drugs. In this day of mostly virtual contact a drag strip could be a great place not only for the absolute fanatics but I see it being able to become a safe hangout and promote the hobby and of course business. I owned a shop in Manhasset years ago as well and though it wasn't my go to event I did sponsor a Riverhead Camaro.
    I admit to having been a crazy street racer back then and getting a racing license and ultimately a pilot's license turned me into the safest street driver I know. Don't need to drive 135 on the LIE after racing cars on a track all day.
    Long Island has a great Car history from Vanderbilt, to Bridgehampton, the drag strip in the 60s and Riverhead and this can only serve to enhance the car culture on Long Island and increase business.


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    Welcome to the site Andy. Sounds like you are more than a fanatic to me. you are long island history. Thanks for posting. If you have any pictures or videos of your past racing thats not already posted from Youtube, please post them. We would all love to see them. younger guys like me missed the nostalgia days and West hampton was there for us but short lived as we got a taste of what long Island offered racing and then it shut down, leaving us very hungry for more.

    "I post the work on my hotrod, not because it's the best way, rather it was the way I had to get it done with the resources I had.................
    Of which I might be an encouragement to other hotrodders".

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